Chuck vs Zombies

Chuck vs Zombies

Once again zombie apocalypse is came! People and animals infected and turned into zombies, uhhh swerve!

Nobody left, except thirsty Chuck Norris and definitely he will save this world. Dip outta real world and enjoy yourself in the 2D blood-shedding & funny crazy zombies party!

★ Addictive arcade gameplay
★ Different location levels
★ Chuck Norris facts and jokes
★ Amazing music and sound effects
★ Guap graphics and funny animation
★ Time killing when you need to moss
★ Kill zombies and get your SWAG!
★ Upgrade Chuck’s punch, kick and health
★ Say “Cheese” and use super UZI gun from both hands when the hard times to come

Chuck Norris never run from a herd of Zombies. He run towards them!

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If you want old school crazy 2D arcade and adventure games, so this game for you! And it is absolutely free to download! Chuck Norris kick, crush & kill them all!

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