Fortnite APK

Play a fun battle royale shooting game on your Android with Fortnite.

Fortnite is a free game app for Android which lets you play with hundreds of players at a time and try to slay each other for the last man standing.

You’ll come falling from the battle bus and land randomly on a huge map of a certain location. Then you’ll have to find weapons and shoot other players and survive the whole ordeal. Keep searching for better weapons, in order to survive better you cannot just stay in one area, for the map shrinks on a certain time interval.

You can also try to build a fort where you can stay for a little while to protect yourself, but you’ll have to collect materials for that. And when you get eliminated, you can opt to watch the player who beat you and see how he does it and learn next time what you may do too.

Download Fortnite APK and have fun trying to stay alive against the 99 other players with you.

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